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Festival Calendar

Fiestas Patronales en Honor a la Virgen Nuestra Señora del Socorro

Is held in September. The Virgin is stroll on his throne in a procession through the principal streets of Tejeda.
The People dressed in traditional costumes made offerings to all the typical products of the area.

Fiesta del Almendro en Flor:

Held in the month of February when the almond trees flood the landscape with its white flowers that herald spring.
Recognized as one of the most attractive and traditional fiestas de Gran Canaria. An expression of the traditions in all fields: crafts, folklore and customs.

Fiesta de la Polvajera:

Is celebrated as festival of carnivals.

Fiestas Lustrales de Confraternidad:

Parish and Ilustre Ayuntamiento de Tejeda, during Festivities in honor of Nuestra Señora del Socorro, started in 2005 the first festival lustral event that no doubt drives the celebration and tribute to Our Mother of favorite Tejeda.

Ofrenda Romería a Nuestra Señora del Socorro:

Each district of the municipality, led by the traditional floats, carefully awarded for this special occasion, present their offerings to Our Lady of Socorro in a kingdom by the sounds and songs of the folk music canaria and where needed with a tasty enyesque glass of good wine.

Tradicional Feria de Ganado de Tejeda:

It is one of the central events developed during the conduct of the Festivities in Honor of Our Lady the Virgen del Socorro.

Tejeda different livestock and other municipalities of the island, have their traditional animals in this exhibition for the delight of all who come to enjoy this fun day. Finally, the best specimens will be rewarded for the joy and pride of their owners.